CAPS Participating with The Warrior Way Program

Get Healthy and Active with The Warrior Way

Free Five Week Healthy Lifestyle Program Open to Currently Enrolled WSU Students

Each Participant Will Get:

  •  Free Swag and Giveaways
  •  Fitness Assessments
  •  Healthy Lifestyle Tools
  •  A Chance to Win 12 Free Personal Training Sessions

Learn more or pre-register by September 27th at


The Warrior Way: Program Outline, Agenda, and Event Descriptions

The Warrior Way is an incentive-based student wellness program created to help support students in beginning and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in college. The Warrior Way is not about losing weight or getting toned; It’s about getting healthy! Eating well, moving your body, getting enough sleep, managing stress, and supporting mental health – all of these things work together to support your overall health, keep you feeling good, and contribute to your success in school. It’s the healthy way...the Warrior Way.


Here’s how it works:

Each week has a theme – physical activity, nutrition, stress management & mental health, and putting it all together. Activities related to each week’s theme are available – from workshops to workouts to information tables. You earn points for attending events and taking part in healthy activities on your own. At the end of the program, participants with the most points are entered into drawings for a free personal training package, and various gift cards. So, the more you participate, the greater your chance of winning a prize.


You will receive a detailed spreadsheet of point breakdown and how you can track your points and progress throughout the program at registration. The participant with the most number of points at the conclusion of the program will win the grand prize. Second, third, and fourth place prizes will also be awarded. Attendance will be taken at most events and all points will be verified at the conclusion of the program.


Whether or not you win a prize, everyone wins by participating, because good health is priceless! So make a commitment to yourself – to live The Warrior Way.


The 5-Week Agenda

Week One: Registration & Kick Off Event

Incentive: Free Campus Health Tees

Week Two: Nutrition

Incentive: Free Campus Health Grocery Bag


Week Three: Physical Activity

Incentive: Free Two Strap Zipper Mort Harris Backpacks


Week Four: Mental/Emotional Health & Stress Management

Incentive: Handout with Meditation App


Week Five: Warrior Way Lifestyle & Wrap Up Week

Grand Prize Drawing Incentive: Personal Training Package

Other Drawings: $25 Various Gift Cards


Seminar Descriptions

Nutrition Basics Seminar

This is an interactive seminar given by a registered dietitian and dietetics student covering the basics of nutrition in college. Topics that will be covered include: general healthy eating, food group recommendations, proper serving sizes, snacking, fluids, and tips for meeting healthy eating goals during college.


Keys to Exercise Success Seminar

This seminar will discuss keys to keeping successful in your exercise regime and how students can incorporate exercise into their daily lives easily. As well, barriers to success, such as lack of time and energy, will be discussed and ways to help overcome these barriers provided.


7 Tips to Staying Motivated Seminar

Fitness doesn't have to be drudgery. Stay motivated by setting goals and choosing activities you enjoy. This seminar will discuss seven easy tips to stay motivated and on track for college students.


Self-Care and Sleep Hygiene Seminar

Being a college student can be stressful and can lead to sleep problems. Taking care of yourself, including sleeping well, is important for personal wellness and effective stress management. This seminar will focus on developing effective self-care strategies and healthy sleep habits. Come and learn how to improve your mental wellness through taking care of yourself. 


Relaxation Techniques Seminar

Everyone knows stress can get to the very best of us and it is sometimes difficult to find the time to fit relaxation into our daily lives. Come to the Relaxation Workshop and learn several quick, easy, and effective methods of relaxation that anyone can fit into their daily routine.

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