What to Expect

The College Transition

College is a time of transition for young adults as they move toward their pursuit of academic and professional goals. For many, this will be their first time away from home. Not only will the rigors of college-level courses feel challenging, but students are also in the process of navigating a new social environment. Living in residence halls, meeting new people, and managing their own time are just some of the many challenges facing university students. As with any major life transition, individuals may experience feelings of loss, anxiety, denial, fear, and anticipation. While it is helpful to encourage your son or daughter's independence during this time, remember that they will continue to need your support.

Referring Your Student to CAPS

Parents are welcome to call CAPS with questions and for guidance on ways to assist your son or daughter. Our staff will explain our policies and assignment process to you, but will not be able to share confidential information about your student. Confidential information even includes whether or not your child is receiving services through CAPS. Professional counselors are ethically and legally bound by confidentiality laws and cannot reveal information to parents without appropriate releases having been signed by the student. Although we appreciate your concerns about your students' well-being and progress in counseling, counseling is most effective when students know that what they talk about will remain confidential.