Let's Talk

Currently-registered WSU students can schedule a free, 15-minute Zoom meeting with a CAPS counselor who will provide psychoeducation, resources, and referrals. Let’s Talk is NOT COUNSELING, but if a student may benefit from referrals for mental health treatment, the Let’s Talk Counselor will link them with CAPS counseling services, case management, or other campus or community-based resources. Any information or resources discussed in the meeting will be shared by follow-up email.

Step 1: Enrolled students* must schedule a Let's Talk meeting.

This link is only available Monday – Friday at 8:30 am – 4:00 pm.

*Enrollment for the current semester will be verified. Anyone who is not eligible for this service will receive an email with referrals to community-based resources or the option to request contact with the CAPS Case Manager.

Step 2: Use the Zoom link below that corresponds with your scheduled Let's Talk appointment.

Currently-registered students who have already scheduled a Let’s Talk meeting can click the Zoom link that corresponds with their meeting day and time and a Let’s Talk counselor will admit the student for their scheduled* meeting.

*Eligible students who have not scheduled a Zoom meeting for Let’s Talk will be instructed to schedule a Let's Talk meeting in advance.



Zoom Links for Scheduled Let's Talk Meetings Only

Let's Talk on Mondays @ 3-4 pm

Stephanie Kastely, PhD, LPC


Let's Talk on Tuesdays @ 9-10 am

Ebony Fails, MA, LPC

David Tucker, PsyD, LP

(alternate weeks)

Let's Talk on Tuesdays @ 12-1 pm

Jaclyn Pfingsten, LMSW

Let's Talk on Tuesdays @ 2-3 pm

Robyn Dover, LMSW


Let's Talk on Wednesdays @ 10-11 am

Jennifer Bohanon, MA, LPC

Let's Talk on Wednesdays @ 12-1 pm

Janel Lynn, LMSW


Let's Talk on Thursdays @ 10-11 am

Aleksandra Stoklosa, PhD, LP

Let's Talk on Thursdays @ 12-1 pm

Kristie Van De Laar, PhD, LP

Let's Talk on Thursdays @ 2-3 pm

Brittany Rutland, PsyD, LLP

Please email CAPS with any questions about the Let’s Talk program at caps@wayne.edu

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call WSU Police at (313) 577-2222 or go to your nearest hospital emergency room.  The Afterhours Program can be reached after 4:00 pm on weekdays, during weekends, holidays or university closures by calling (313) 577-CAPS (2277).