Meet Our Staff

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Jeffrey Kuentzel, PhD, LP (He/Him/His)---Wayne State University
Interests: Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, psychological assessment, nonsuicidal self-injury, pathological gambling, spirituality, clinical supervision.

Associate Director

Charisse Ormanian, MA, LLP (She/Her/Hers)---Wayne State University
Interests: Empowering students to attain a better quality of life through individual and couples counseling. Group work with survivors of sexual assault.

Associate/Training Director

Ellen Barrett-Becker, PhD, LP (She/Her/Hers)---Wayne State University
Interests: Identity development and meaning-making, coping with experiences of trauma, dissociation, grief and loss, parenting, attachment, building healthy coping skills, Motivational Interviewing, and training mental health clinicians and clinical supervision

Psychiatrist/Assistant Clinical Professor

Pauline G. Smith, M.D. (She/Her/Hers)---Wayne State University

Interests: Young Adult Identity and Career Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Phases of Life Changes, Military and Veteran Populations, Clinical Disorders (depression, anxiety and eating disorders), Integrative Care (the interface of medical diseases with mental health), Neurodevelopmental Disorders (ADHD, Autism Spectrum), Therapeutic Modalities in Medical Management (Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectal Behavior, and Psychodynamic Therapy Modalities).

Clinical Staff 

Aleksandra M. Stoklosa, PhD, LP (Wayne State University)
University Counselor III
Interests: Couples counseling, women's issues, self-esteem, adjustment problems, depression and anxiety, trauma, and EMDR. 

Angela Fedewa, PhD, LP (She/Her/Hers)---Wayne State University
University Counselor II
Interests: Depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, OCD, mindfulness, evidence-based practice, student veterans, wellness and coping skills 

Anna Looker, MA, LPC (Concordia University Chicago)
University Counselor/Case Manager II
Interests: Chronic/severe mental illness, substance abuse/addiction issues, crisis intervention, social justice, suicide prevention, skills building for coping with anxiety, stress, depression, and emotional regulation. 

David Tucker, PsyD, LP (Michigan School of Psychology)(He/Him/His)---Michigan School of Psychology
University Counselor II
Interests: Anxiety, depression, adjustment difficulties, interpersonal relationships, mindfulness, building healthy coping skills, self-esteem, stress reduction, and self-care.

Denise Wunderlich, PhD (Instructional Technology), MC, LPC (She/Her/Hers)---University of Delaware & Wayne State University
University Counselor III
Interests: Wellness (creating healthy lifestyles, coping with illness), life skills (stress reduction, emotion regulation, effective communication), relationship strengthening. 

Ebony Fails, MA, LPC (Wayne State University)
University Counselor II
Interests: anxiety, self-esteem, adjustment problems, depression, and CISM.

Jennifer Bohanon, MA, LPC (She/Her/Hers)---Ball State University
University Counselor II
Interests:  Impact of culture, gender, race and religion on mental health and wellness, trauma, resilience, supervision, couples counseling, interpersonal relationships, family-of-origin dynamics

Kaifa Alsoofy, LMSW  (She/Her/Hers)--- Grand Valley State University 
University Counselor II
Interests: Women's mental health issues/empowerment, anxiety, depression, empowering first-generation college students, building healthy coping skills, self-esteem, managing stress, mindfulness, self-care 

Kirk Guanco, LMSW, CAADC (He/Him/His)---University of Michigan
University Counselor III
Interests: Developing life skills to manage issues of anxiety, depression, adjustment and substance abuse. 

Kristin Van de Laar, PhD, LP (She/Her/Hers)---Southern Illinois University
University Counselor III
Interests: Depression, anxiety, graduate student concerns, dissertation support, stress management. 

Patricia Dixon, LMSW, ACSW (Wayne State University & Central Michigan University)
University Counselor III
Interests: Helping people build survival skills for things such as mindfulness, anxiety and depression, grief, and traumatic events.

Robyn Dover, LMSW  (She/Her/Hers)---University of Michigan
University Counselor II, embedded at Campus Health Center
Interests: Depression, anxiety, integrated care including both physical and mental wellness, empowerment, coping with adjustment and life transitions, crisis intervention, clinical supervision, perinatal mood, and anxiety disorders

Shelee-Ann Flemmings, Ph.D., D-LLP (She/Her/Hers)---Western Michigan University
University Counselor II
Interests: Challenges facing racial/ethnic minority students, identity concerns, racial, childhood, and sexual trauma, interpersonal relationship concerns, family-of-origin concerns

Stephanie Kastely, Ph.D., LPC (She/Her/Hers)---Wayne State University
University Counselor II
Interests: Anxiety, depression, stress management, self-esteem, supervision, suicide prevention

Theresa Perlman, MA, LPC (She/Her/Hers)---Wayne State University
University Counselor III
Interests: Anxiety/academic anxiety, depression, relationships, women's issues

Graduate Assistants, Psychology Interns, Trainees, Volunteers

Psychology Interns

Brittany Rutland, Psychology Intern  (She/Her/Hers)---Michigan School of Psychology 
Supervised by Angela Fedewa, PhD 
Interests: women's issues, survivors of sexual trauma, coping with complex trauma, relationship concerns and intimate partner violence, identity concerns, LGBTQIA+, intersectionality, feminist psychology 
Rickey Shuler, Psychology Intern (He/Him/His)---Michigan School of Psychology
Supervised by Alex Stoklosa, PhD 
Interests: trauma and recovery therapy (sexual violence survivors); diversity, equity, and inclusion; psychodynamic therapy; dialectical behavior therapy; cognitive-behavioral;  mental health and gun violence 
Tasman Cleaver, Psychology Intern (She/Her/Hers)---Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus
Supervised by Ellen Barrett-Becker, PhD 
Interests: posttraumatic stress, avoidance and interpersonal functioning, cultural sensitivity and the therapeutic relationship, cultural identity development, parenting support, brief relational therapy, couples therapy, substance use treatment, and stress management  

Graduate Assistant & Trainees

Damaris Smith, Counseling Intern CAPS (She/Her/Hers)---University of Detroit Mercy
Supervisor Stephanie Kastely, Ph.D., LPC
Interests: Family theory, attachment, grief and loss, effective coping skills, mood disorders, neurocognitive disorders, relationships, addictive behaviors

Estenia Elisevich, Master of Social Work Intern (She/Her)---Wayne State University
Supervised by Patricia Dixon LMSW Clinical & Macro ACSW
Interests: Latino/a/x issues, intersectionality, family systems theory, depression, and anxiety

Florentine Friedrich, Social Work Intern (Wayne State University) 
Supervised by Robyn Dover, LMSW
Interests: Coping and adjusting related to physical disabilities and chronic illness, integrated care focusing on physical and mental health, acceptance and inclusion

Hashim Malik, Doctoral Psychology Practicum Trainee, TLLP (Michigan School of Psychology). 
Supervised by David Tucker, PsyD
Interests: multiculturally-informed practice, trauma, interpersonal functioning, chronic/severe mental illness, family of origin concerns, depression, purpose and meaning-making, concerns regarding social media and technology use, relational psychodynamic therapy, and mindfulness

Samantha Fair, Counseling Intern (She/Her/Hers)---University of Detroit Mercy
Supervised by Ebony Fails, MA, LPC 
Interests: anxiety, depression, relationships, mindfulness, self-care, stress management.

Samantha Kakos, Social Work Intern (Wayne State University)
Supervised by: Kaifa Alsoofy, LMSW
Interests: Suicide Prevention, grief and loss, trauma, EMDR, faith-based therapy, mindfulness, self-care

Spencer Genrich (She/They), Social Work Intern (Wayne State University)
Supervised by Kirk Guanco, LMSW, CAADC
Interests: Sex education, LGBTQ+, romantic relationships, social justice and advocacy, psychodynamic therapy, trauma-informed care

Office Personnel

Candice Warren
Candice works as office personnel, serving as the primary phone attendant, greeting all visitors, and scheduling appointments. Candice holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from Wayne State University.

ShaCha Geronimo
Office Clerk II

ShaCha Geronimo works as office personnel, assisting clients and CAPS staff while maintaining the daily operations of the CAPS office. She is a WSU student studying to become a social psychologist with an emphasis on the study of culture, ethnicity, and race.

Tanya Vines
Secretary IV

Tanya works as office personnel; staffing the front desk, managing the budget, processing personnel transactions, and other pertinent aspects of the CAPS unit