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CAPS Learning Outcome Goals and Progress

CAPS services are accessible, confidential, and free.

CAPS has grown and developed into the first-rate service provider we are today from our early beginning in the 1970s, at which time we were located in McKenzie Hall (a structure that no longer exists by the way). Today we are located in the Student Center Building, and CAPS is part of overall student services. We have professional, working relationships with academic support services, housing and residential life, the student health center, the Office of International Students and Scholars, the Wayne State police department, the WSU Psychology Clinic, the College of Education's Counseling and Testing Center, and the University Physician's Group. 

CAPS has a professional staff of psychologists, clinical social workers, and licensed professional counselors trained to work with college students. All, currently registered, WSU students qualify for CAPS services. We provide counseling and psychological services to approximately 32,000 undergraduate and graduate students who are the most diverse student body in Michigan. Our students are part-time or full-time, live on campus or commute.

CAPS Mission Statement

CAPS enhances the wellness and success of our diverse student body and the university community by providing tailored, culturally-competent, research-based, ethical, collaborative, and inclusive mental health services, consultation, crisis response, and outreach. We maintain the highest standards of care by continually fostering the professional development of our staff, providing immersive and evidence-based education to our trainees, and making scholarly contributions to our disciplines.

CAPS Vision Statement 

A WSU community where no mental health need goes unmet and all students reach their highest personal and academic potential.

CAPS Diversity Statement

At CAPS, we value and respect the diversity of our students and staff. We see diversity and culture as broad, inclusive and ever evolving, and therefore, representing the many social and cultural groups in our society. We recognize the importance of having a multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary, and multi-theoretical staff to address our diverse populations' needs.

We acknowledge that oppression, prejudice, privilege, and discrimination impact all of us in detrimental ways. CAPS aims to support our students and the broader university in understanding the impact of these issues, advocating for social justice, and providing appropriate and effective mental health services.

We strive to create a safe, inclusive, and affirming climate where students can feel welcome to explore the importance of their diverse identities and life experiences. We also recognize that building and cultivating self-awareness and self-identity is a continuous and life long journey. We promote this among our staff and trainees through various learning opportunities offered on campus and within the greater community. These opportunities assist us in building awareness regarding our own bias and privilege as well as systemic bias. It is our hope that by building this awareness we can better serve our students and community.

CAPS Learning Outcome Goals and Progress (September, 2021)

Please refer to this PDF Document that shows results from the CAPS Client Satisfaction Surveys


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