What To Expect

Referring a Student to CAPS

When making a referral to CAPS, inform the student that you are concerned about his or her well-being. Approach the student and invite him or her to speak to you in private. Once together in a private place with the student, comment on what you have observed and express your concerns. Encourage the student to contact CAPS to assess his or her needs, and possibly receive necessary support. Inform the student that services at CAPS are confidential. You can provide the student with CAPS contact information, or, with the student’s permission, you can offer to walk the student over to our office. Be aware that CAPS staff will be unable to confirm whether a student was seen at CAPS or to disclose the contents of information shared during the CAPS appointment unless the student signs a release of information allowing us to share that information with you.

Student Safety

If you are worried about a student's safety, ask the student to sign a release of information to you so you can follow-up to make sure they connected with CAPS. You can have a release form sent to you, or you can alert CAPS staff to ask the student to sign a release when they arrive for services. Please note that it is completely voluntary on the part of the student and if they opt not to sign a release, do not take it personally. There may be compelling reasons that you are not aware of, as to why they would not want to disclose to you.

About Counseling

Counseling is a confidential, safe, professional meeting with a qualified mental health professional. Counseling allows one to gain knowledge and perspective on one's behaviors, emotions, and relationships. Counseling allows students to bravely face their fears, decrease emotional and psychological pain, and to remove barriers to achieving life goals.