Referring a Student to CAPS

What You Can Do

If you are concerned and believe that your WSU student might benefit from counseling, encourage them to use the link on the CAPS website home page "Request & Schedule an Initial Consultation". If your student is not willing to request an initial consultation, parents/supportive others may call (313) 577-3398 to consult with a counselor on how to encourage the student to seek help.

What We Offer

First, we conduct a thorough clinical assess to determine the best place to address the needs of currently-enrolled students. This may include individual counseling, group therapy, case management, and/or psychiatric medication management. Services are confidential and free of charge to WSU students. Information will not be disclosed to anyone without written permission from the student.

Getting Started at CAPS

Students must use the link on the CAPS website home page "Request & Schedule an Initial Consultation" to schedule an assessment.  At the initial consultation appointment, students meet virtually with a CAPS counselor for an in-depth interview to see what type of service will best meet their needs. If the counselor determines that another agency or service provider could better meet their needs, contact information for other agencie or providers will be given and a counselor will follow-up with your student to be sure that they are linked with the referral.

Treatment is Confidential

Parents are welcome to call CAPS (313) 577-3398 with questions and for guidance on ways to assist a student. Our staff can explain our policies and assignment processes, but we cannot share confidential information about any student. Confidential information even includes whether or not your child is receiving services through CAPS. Professional counselors are ethically and legally bound by confidentiality laws and cannot reveal information to parents without appropriate releases having been signed by the student. Although we appreciate your concerns about your students' well-being and progress in therapy, counseling is most effective when students know that what they talk about will remain confidential.