Group Therapy Schedule

Check out these great CAPS Fall 2023 Groups offered online using Microsoft Teams and Zoom!  Descriptions of each group are listed in the table below.

* New to CAPS?  Currently-registered students must Request & Schedule an Initial Consultation to join any of these groups.  If it has been more than 90 days since you've worked with a CAPS provider, please Request & Schedule an Initial Consultation to join a group.

* Already working with someone at CAPS within the past 90 days?  Please consult with your CAPS provider about groups.


Group Descriptions

Grief & Loss Support Group

Facilitated by Theresa & Bettie

Mondays @ 1-2 pm

Begins September 25

Join other Warriors in a space of healing and compassionate care. This group is offered to students who are struggling with the loss of a significant person in their lives. The group provides a space to share, receive support and honor the unique grief process.

Living with Anxiety

Facilitated by Stephanie & Lindsay

Mondays @ 1-2 pm

Begins September 25

Got worries? Join this support group to share experiences around anxiety, while learning coping skills and how to build self confidence.

Mindfulness & Distress Tolerance

Facilitated by Anne & Mara

Mondays @ 4-5 pm

Begins October 2

Do you find yourself overthinking about the past or excessively worried about the future? Is it difficult to cope with distressing emotions? Mindfulness practice can help you manage emotions and stay focused in the present. In just 7 sessions, learn how to use mindfulness skills to cope with difficult feelings, and improve connection to body, mind, and soul.

Journaling for Resilience

Facilitated by Pauline

Tuesdays @ 4-5 pm

Begins September 26

Do you enjoy expression through writing? Would you like to use writing as a way to create positive mental health? Using journaling activities, group members will learn how to better manage their feelings and understand their life's motivations.

Improving Self-Esteem with Self-Care

Facilitated by Sheila

Tuesdays @ 5-6 pm

Begins TBD

Looking to gain self-compassion, have better sleep, better stress management, and improve self-worth? Join this 5-week group and learn how daily self-care techniques can improve overall well-being and build self-esteem!

Neurodivergent Support Group

Facilitated by Jessica & Mara

Wednesdays @ 3-4 pm

Begins September 27

For students who identify as ADHD or Autistic but is open and welcoming to anyone who considers themselves to be neurodivergent (no formal diagnosis required). This group will be led by an AuDHD therapist and a neurodiversity affirming therapist. Group members will build a sense of comradery with other students who really get it, create a brave space to be their authentic selves, practice vulnerability, self-advocacy, and boundary setting, and develop skills to manage stress and prevent burnout.

Family Feuds

Facilitated by Jaclyn & Brittany

Wednesdays @ 3-4 pm

Begins TBD

Family relationships can be complicated and sometimes we need a space to talk. Group members will have an opportunity to share and support others, while learning various skills to navigate conflicts and difficult relationships.

Ourselves & Others

Facilitated by Robyn

Wednesdays @ 3-4 pm

Begins September 27

Relationship group where members can gain insight into patterns within their relationships with family, friends, romantic partners, etc and raise self-awareness surrounding how they are relating to others. Group members will participate in open, supportive dialogue focused on personal growth within relationships and will practice new ways of relating and communicating with others both inside and outside of group.

Ghost Your Social Media

Facilitated by Theresa

Thursdays @ 11 am - 12 pm

Begins September 28

This 10-week psychoeducational and support group will teach members how to reduce their social media and online use, and improve their mental health.

Positive Measures: Coping Skills

Facilitated by Alex & Logan

Thursdays @ 1-2 pm

Begins September 28

This 8-week group teaches coping skills for daily life challenges. Learn new tools for managing anxiety and depression, create positive self-talk, develop assertiveness, and understand yourself better!

Safe Space

Facilitated by Brittany & Becca

Thursdays @ 3-4 pm

Begins TBD

Group for survivors of sexual trauma to feel heard, supported, and validated. We do not need to navigate these painful experiences on our own. This group is designed for those that want support and be supported by those with shared experiences. Open to cisgender women, nonbinary femme presentation, and trans women.